Safety Policy

There are always dangers in the use of trampolines, laser tag and play equipment.
The Launceston Entertainment Complex which incorporates Airtime360, Laserforce, Adventure Planet and Tassie Tiger Mini Golf is an action sports venue where you maybe injured.
You must study the rules and guidelines and look over the venue and its facilities and decide if involving yourself in the activity is worth the risk of injury; we also encourage you to talk to any of our staff if you have any individual concerns that may relate to you.



When jumping at Airtime360 we want you and your friends to have fun and jump safely. You should stay in control at all times and only jump to levels where you feel completely comfortable.
Having fun safely is what Airtime360 is all about.
If you follow the steps below your time at Airtime360 will be much more enjoyable and you will have less chance of being injured and injuring others.

• Jump at your skill level
• Take a break when tired and drink plenty of fluids
• Follow our rules and guidelines
• Obey Airtime360 staff at all times without hesitation
• Always watch out for other jumpers, especially those smaller than you.
• You must be over 3 years of age to jump (toddler time excluded)

If you choose to jump at our venue you should understand that the simple act of jumping and rebounding off the side walls and landing in the foam pit at jumping from a trampoline can heighten the risk of injury, even if you are bouncing safely. This risk can be reduced by simply following the rules we have provided.

We have divided the rules into categories for each attraction. They are “THE PLATFORM” ,“THE BIGAIRBAG” , “DODGEBALL” , AND “THE HOOPS”. These rules are clearly visible at the entrance to the trampolines, throughout the venue and are posted at the individual attraction entrances. If you read, understand and follow these rules and guidelines you may decrease the risk of injury to yourself and to others.

Airtime360 staff are clearly visible and will guide you while you visit and will be on hand to answer your questions or help you to understand the rules. Please ask them to assist you if you have any concerns or are unsure as to the rules.

Airtime360 staff are trained in the guidelines and will direct all patrons using the venue to do so under the rules and regulations posted. They are also instructed to remove patrons who are using the venue in a dangerous manor or are being an impediment to the enjoyment of other patrons.
Patrons should be aware that they will be recorded by CCTV and recorded for safety purposes.



Laser Force

• No Bare feet and open toes shoes, closed footwear must be worn at all times.
• No Running inside the arena.
• No Abusive or threatening behaviour will be tolerated.
• Abuse of the Laserforce Equipment will not be tolerated and if damaged cost of replacement parts will be applicable.
• No climbing or jumping through or on elevated areas.
• Staff and management reserve the right to refuse entry if patrons are deemed to be showing unacceptable or threatening behaviour.
• Laserforce arm tags must be worn and displayed to gain entry to the Laserforce Arena.



Adventure Planet

• Adventure Planet Session arm tags must be worn and displayed at all times while in the Adventure Planet play area. Patrons without the required arm tag will be required to show proof of entry or will be required to purchase entry.
• Non Slip Grip socks must be worn by all patrons while using the Adventure Planet and Inflatable Planet play equipment.
• Parental supervision of children is required at all times in the Adventure Planet Play area.
• It is the Parent or Guardians responsibility to monitor the where a bouts of their children at all times.
• Bad behaviour by either parents or children while in the Adventure Planet or Launceston Entertainment Complex property will not be tolerated. Management and staff reserve the right to refuse entry to the Launceston Entertainment Complex.
• The Adventure Planet Toddler Area is for the exclusive use of Toddlers and their Parents, Children deemed older than a toddler by the staff will be asked to leave the Toddler Area.



Tassie Tiger Mini Golf

• Do not raise your putter above shoulder height
• Children under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult
• Do not walk on plants or in water to retrieve your ball. Ask for the assistance of a staff member if required.