Need to quench the thirst or save the hunger? The Precinct Cafe have something to satisfy the whole family!


 A variety of hot and cold food and drinks, with a great selection of cakes and muffins, along with freshly made sandwiches, is only the start of what The Precinct Cafe has to offer.

There is plenty to keep the kids occupied, so parents can relax with a Genovese coffee, made by our baristas, while the kids have a super time.


If you have a crowd to feed, ask about our fruit or chips and nuggets platters which are available.


Chips & Nuggets Platter $25

Feeds 10 kids


Fruit Platter $25

Feeds 10 kids



Opening Hours

Monday: 9am - 5pm

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm

Wednesday: 9am - 5pm

Thursday: 9am - 5pm

Friday: 9am - 8pm

Saturday: 9am - 8pm

Sunday: 9am - 5pm


The Precinct Cafe is a great base for parties at Airtime360, Laserforce, Tassie Tiger Golf, or all three!

Let us take the hassle out of catering for your party with our Chips & Nuggets or Fruit Platters, only $25 each (feeds 10 kids).

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